Scratch your eyes out!

TherapyBee Reflexology

There is nothing as charming as an English summer’s day, chirping birds, blue sky, glorious sunshine and yes,  the desire to scratch your eyes out!   There have been times in the past when I’ve wished to scratch my eyes out as they itched incessantly and my nose twitched a la Samantha in “Bewitched” in Continue reading »

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has to be one of my favourite therapies, both to give and to receive. What’s not to love about having a wonderful neck and head massage- mmm so relaxing! The lovely staff at the Association of Indian Head Massage (AIHM) have put together some frequently asked questions on Indian Head Massage.  I’ve Continue reading »

Reflexology and Anxiety

A fellow member of the Association of Reflexology recently shared a study regarding the effects of Reflexology on Anxiety in patients undergoing Coronary Angiography (CA) which is a technique used broadly for evaluation and treatment of coronary artery disease.  Heart disease is one of the most common reasons for deaths all over the world and Continue reading »

Healthy Ageing & Reflexology

Happy New Year and welcome to Therapy Bee. The New Year heralds a new theme “Healthy Ageing and Reflexology” which is the World Reflexology topic for 2015. Ageing is a natural process, but all too often we associate getting older with illness.  Most of us experience changes to our health as we age, from simple Continue reading »