Scratch your eyes out!

There is nothing as charming as an English summer’s day, chirping birds, blue sky, glorious sunshine and yes,  the desire to scratch your eyes out!   There have been times in the past when I’ve wished to scratch my eyes out as they itched incessantly and my nose twitched a la Samantha in “Bewitched” in reaction to the increased summer pollen count.  Alas no amount of nose twitching magic took the hay fever away!

Over the years I’ve found a few coping strategies that work for me but there is no magic potion.   As we are all unique, it’s a mix and match of organic, natural remedies and avoidance techniques that have won the day for me and may work for you.

Organic Remedies

My number one remedy is having a tablespoon of honey a day.  Start in late winter/early spring. Have it plain, mix it in a smoothie, with yoghurt or for that afternoon wake up boost with your coffee!    Not just any honey, it must be as local as possible to where you live and preferably organic as the honey contains traces of local pollen.  The honey introduces small quantities of pollen into the body and so the body develops an immunity and becomes desensitised to the pollen.  Come the summer – reduced hay fever symptoms.

My number two organic remedy is White Tea Toning Eye Gel from Neal’s Yard.  It’s so soothing and really helps me with the itching as it cools and refreshes.  The white tea toning eye gel contains a herb called eyebright which according to old wives tales heals weak and diseased eyes. It actually has anti-inflammatory properties which help with inflamed eyes, eyes lids etc.  I tend to use it all year round as it actual helps the baggie skin under my eyes and then in the summer keep a tube in the fridge – it’s really soothing for the itching eyes.

Thirdly, a really good immune system supplement with natural and organic ingredients.  I love the Super Antioxidant Boost from NYR as it has vitamin C to help support the immune system. For me, more importantly, it contains turmeric and specifically the active ingredients called curcuminoids that have great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties perfect for helping with hay fever symptoms like swollen inflamed eyes and throat, irritated nasal passages and sinuses.

Avoidance (!!)

Avoidance is number four which is harder for me as I love being in the garden but really it’s surely hubby’s job to mow the lawn!  I avoid mowing the lawn or cutting the hedge.  Also, I’ve found it wise to have a shower and change after a session in the garden – just wash away all that pollen.

My number five remedy is wear wrap-around sunglasses with a peak or large brim hat to help keep the pollen out and head off to the beach!  Sea breezes blow pollen inland, so the beach is a perfect hide away and summer is all about holiday and not hay fever!

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