Facial Reflexology

What is Facial Reflexology?

Like traditional Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology an effective, safe natural, drug free treatment.  At Therapy Bee I combine reflexology with facial massage sculpting techniques inspired by the ancient Chinese Medicine techniques of Gua Sha to uplift the face and spirt.

Facial reflexology brings all the benefits of foot reflexology such as improved health and wellbeing,  with the additional unique benefit that it can help give your complexion a younger, radiant glow.

How will you benefit?

Facial Reflexology leaves your skin feeling tighter, smoother and plumper over a series of treatments.   The Therapy Bee treatment improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle tone, helps to break down fatty tissue, encourages regeneration of skin cells and improves the elasticity of the skin.

The treatment has the net benefit of sculpting the face, jaw, and neckline over a period of treatments.  It is a natural option for anti-aging, and a natural alternative to Botox. This treatment is not only deeply relaxing but can also help reduce stress, tension, anxiety as well as migraines, sinus problems, and insomnia.

What can you expect at a Facial Reflexology treatment?

At the first treatment, which is longer than subsequent treatments, we discuss your needs, your skin type and medical history.  I will talk you through the treatment plan based on our chat and what you feel comfortable with.

At the start of the treatment, I will cleanse your face, apply an oil or balm then using my fingers I will apply various facial sculpting techniques drawn from ancient and modern methods in combination with reflexology.  I will use tools such as a gua sha massage tools and cooling crystals to stimulate the micro circulation of the face.

During the treatment I will apply a variety of natural, organic, sustainable cleansers, balms, and oils based in your skin type.   The treatment lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

How will you feel after the treatment?

My clients tell me that it feels like their face has gone to the gym!  Your face and neck will glow, may tingle, and may appear slightly flushed – this will fade but best not to plan a night out after a treatment.  In fact, my recommendation would be an early night with plenty of water. The following day your skin will glow with health and vitality.

You will feel an improved sense of wellbeing and experience a sense of deep relaxation and sleep well.

How many treatments should you have?

This will depend on what you wish to achieve.

For the best results, a weekly treatment for 12 weeks will be the most transformative.  Highly recommend for those big occasions like weddings.

A weekly treatment for 5 weeks will certainly make a marked difference to your appearance.

Alternatively, a single treatment will make you feel fabulous, and it is a lovely way to combine a facial massage with reflexology.

How can I book and pay for a treatment?

Book this transformative treatment locally in Market Harborough by contacting Bee on 01858 405682 or 07827290973 or email info@therapybee.co.uk.  You can also book and pay for each session “as you go” via the booking link in the sidebar.

If you would like to take advantage of the treatment packages, I ask for payment in advance, and we schedule the appointments in advance.  You can pay by card, cash, or bank transfer.

Keep in mind that treatments are not an alternative to seeking medical advice.