Functional Reflex Therapy

Functional RefFRT Rainbow logolex Therapy (FRT) is a framework developed by Lorraine Senior B.Ed(Hons) MAR that offers a unique approach to relaxation.  Lorraine, a reflexologist and teacher, developed FRT drawn from the complementary therapy of Reflexology and her experience as a teacher working different environments.  Functional Reflex Therapy is designed to empower those who support and care for children and adults with special educational needs, autism and people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Routine® is shared through workshops which are available for family members and carers who support those with complex needs.

The Rainbow Relaxation Routine® incorporates working towards relaxation “in the moment” utilizing objects of reference in a “tool kit” to aid communication.  The routine offers those receiving the session a quiet and specific calming time.  For both giver and receiver the Functional Reflex Therapy RainboRelaxation Routine® offers an opportunity to share time and positive touch away from the daily routine of caring.

Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Routine® Workshops

The workshops are fun, informative and delivered in two sessions of 2½ hours each, normally a week or so apart.  The timing of the workshops allows time for practice with the opportunity to bring any questions to the next session.

Session 1
The principles behind and the benefits of the Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow  Relaxation Routine®
The hand routine demonstration followed by practical application
Good practice – considering the “6 Cs”

Session 2
Review of Session 1 with questions and feedback on home practice sessions
The foot routine demonstration followed by practical application
How develop the FRT Toolkit and its importance.  A FRT drawstring toolkit bag is included for you to start your own toolkit.

The workshops cost of £60 per person inclusive of the FRT tool kit bag and the Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Routine® handouts.
If you wish to learn this lovely “positive touch” relaxation routine to incorporate relaxation sessions into your lifestyle at home, please give me a call on 01858 405682

FRT Course Feb March 2015

Demonstrating the FRT hand technique

More information about Lorraine Senior can be found here