Healthy Ageing & Reflexology

Happy New Year and welcome to Therapy Bee.

The New Year heralds a new theme “Healthy Ageing and Reflexology” which is the World Reflexology topic for 2015.

Ageing is a natural process, but all too often we associate getting older with illness.  Most of us experience changes to our health as we age, from simple aches and pains to more serious conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis to name but a few.  In some cases aged related disorders are the result of genetic susceptibility or environmental issues but some are as result of not understanding the impact of life style choices around diet, exercise and stress.

With more information now widely available and we begin to understand the consequences of our choices, we can make better decisions regarding our health.  Having spent last year learning more about the workings of the wonderful human body, I have had to acknowledge that some of my life style choices have been dire.   But guess what?  It is never too late to make changes.  My new year’s resolutions revolve around being more active to shed the pounds!

We can’t stop ageing, it is a natural process, but I do want to prevent premature ageing and ensure the best and longest quality of life.

As we age, the natural cycle of life is that our body systems slow down.  Perhaps the key is not to slow down too much!   If our body systems slow and become stagnant, like a smelly pond with little circulation, the stagnation can lead to disease both physical and psychological quickening the ageing process.

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to get the circulation going and help improve the whole functioning of the whole body.  The release of tension and stress tend to facilitate a healthy state of mind and body which can slow the ageing processes by helping us remain active.shop4

The joy of Reflexology is that it is a therapy that can be given to almost every one irrespective of age or mobility.   A trained therapist can as easily give reflexology to frail patient as to a young athlete.

Reflexology is not a miracle cure all but it does provide relief from anxiety and stress by increasing circulation, relaxing tensions and supporting the body’s own ability to heal.